Wednesday, July 17

Little project

That took me few hours only,
this peace was broken so I had it fixed and than I painted,
might decorate with little lights wrapped around
or small fabric felt birds that I'm planning to make :) 

 Fresh baked coffee shortbreads, smells so delicious  
Thank you for looking :)

Tuesday, July 16

The Beauty of Black and White

“It’s up to you what you do with
  contrasts, light, shapes and lines to emphasize the essence,
 or what you see as the essence
 – no colors that will seduce the eye,
 only emotion that will capture the heart.
” says Joel Tjintjelaar.
Wish you a happy day :) Thank you for looking

Sunday, June 23

The blue canvas

Canvas that I have worked on few days ago and wasn't sure what will that turn into
is here done and beautiful
My sister wanted it for her daughters teacher so I decoupage this beautiful quotes
Love the vintage look

Hope the teacher likes it as much as I do

Two of my pictures featured at Instagram
that just made my day :)

Todays celebration of Hag Al Laila were families exchange sweets and nuts
 in preparation for the arrival of Ramadan :)

Sunday, June 16

Here is more of my jewelry and photography


Thank you for looking, there will be more soon
Have a nice day :)

Monday, June 10


Jumping from thing to another :)
Decoupage old wooden candle holders
canvas picture is only at the beginning
and not sure how will it look on the end
 or maybe I can just keep it as it is, will see

Card upon request

Early morning breakfast at the gym :)

Flowers from my garden
Thank you for looking :)

Sunday, June 9

More of jewelry and photography

As I sad in previous post I simply cant
stop my self from jewelry making  
its just so much fun,
 wondering why I haven't tried before

One of the things  I cant live without
is taking photography, to me it's like breathing :)
In my garden
One of my favorite, my son playing with water and his shadow :)

My favorite thing to drink, freshly made smoothies
This much for now, thank you for looking, have a happy day :)

Tuesday, May 21


A little bag made for the jewelry
instructions on how to make one can be found here

Rose Quartz

Thank you for looking :)