Tuesday, August 30

Planting mango, new journal, whats baking and more

Here  is how, simple and nice

 let it dry for a day
 plant it, give little water every day
 and watch it grow
 all this took 10 days only, beautiful ! 

My 2nd journal

When this wasent in making I was busy baking :)

 simple biscuits
 carrot cinamon muffins
 My son named this ' Harry Potter mini magic wands '
 Non plus ultra
simple biscuits

Bigest dates ever !

Quilt made for my sisters friend, black white and purples
simple and nice

t shirt quilt made for my sister, made with her
children t shirts, too cute !
To put the blocks together
I have used  technique from this  book
by Marguerita McManus & Sarah Raffuse

Top quilt wall hanging, made it for me, inspired
by my garden, beautiful browns and greens,
need to finish it !!!

Wow wool, gift from my friend :)
wondering what will I do with it, mm maybe blanky

More pictures of my lovely garden

 our new Holland Lop, adorable :)

Thank you for stopping by :)
Have a nice day !

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  1. What a great pleasure it is to see all the beautiful photos on your blog, of your projects, garden and pets! We have a lop bunny who thinks that this is HIS house and we are just here to take care of him :)

    Thank you for sharing - I just love everything you post!