Monday, January 10

Mug Rug Tutorial (my 1st Tutorial)

 Materials needed
2 1/2'' x 2 1/2'' squares of fabrics 12 pieces   ( I used Moda )
You can also cut out 2 1/2" squares of 12 different kinds of fabrics
Rectangle of fabric for backing and batting 9'' x 7''
Strip of fabric for binding 2.5'' wide
sewing machine, rotary cutter, mat, etc.
seam allowance is 1/4''
Lets start !

Chain sewing 2 squares
adding on each of those 3th square, making sure
that you use contrast fabrics
Press seams in one direction
Now sew pieces together in opposite directions
using a 1/4" seam
Press the seam to one side and repeat the process

Layer your top, batting and backing
use the decorative stitches
Cut off the excess batting
size should be 8.5'' x  6.5''
Fold and press the binding in half lengthwise
Fold and pres1st to the back then folded over
onto the front and sewn down using decorative stitches,
The technique used for quilts in this book


You now have a Mug Rug !


  1. Sara, they are so cute and your Tutorial is just perfect! I can't wait to share it with all my friends :)

  2. Thanks, Marguerita, for sharing this with me! I've been wanting to make some of I believe is the time!! Great tutorial, Sara!

  3. This makes it look so simple to make place mats for my table. And maybe I will follow this and make some for family for Next Christmas. What a Great Gift they would be :-) Thank You So Very Much for Sharing!

  4. I love the simpleness of it. These would make great gifts. Thank for sharing.

  5. You did a good job on the tutorial and I really like the finished project. Looks like something I will make a few of and set back for when I need a small gift fast. Thank you!

  6. Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments, Thank you Marguerita :)

  7. Beautiful work! Also love your cat. Looks just like my Ollie!

  8. Great job! I might just have to sew a few of these together :-D