Wednesday, February 23

Winter Strawberry's ..100 cards..1st apron !

And here it is finished and pretty,
I named it Winter strawberry's  because of the pattern,
it just looks like strawberry's  in winter, made
 for my sweet little niece and a little blanket
for her doll, not the one on the picture but
very similar,one of many dolls that my late mom did 
(doll is made without a pattern)
Think I have maybe 30 this kind of dolls, promise 
will take pictures and show them all to you
They are beautiful priceless and precious :) 

MaGiCaL FoReSt !

I really really enjoyed making them
that was so much fun :)
 Took me a week to make them.

And here is my very 1st apron made for
special 11 year old girls Birthday as she love
making cookies and cupcakes, her mom loved it too
think she might borrow when her daughter is at school ;) 

Thanks for dropping by
Have a fabulous day!

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  1. The little blanket, cards (wow!) and apron are just adorable :) You did a super nice job making them all.