Sunday, October 9

Summer challenge and more

This is what I have made for a summer challenge
We were given small piece of fabric (flowery pink)
and were free to do whatever we wanted to
mine is a wall hanging or can be a table runner
Pinks are not my favorite colors but this is pretty

Our cat and bird are trying to do plank ;)


Easy pretty apron for a little girl's birthday  

This is my very 1st quilt ! at the time of making it  I didnt know
anything about quilting tools and equipments :(
This quilt was cut with scissors and school ruller on the floor
it dosent have batting but its very dear to me :) 

Made this card to match a lovely gift box for a girl who's turning 18 :)

lovely green parrots and very loud 

I really like how this bag turned out
It's made from linen fabrics

 Thank you for visiting
Have a nice day !

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