Monday, December 12

A few projects finished

 I love working with linen, it sometimes need's a good iron but
 thats perfectly fine with me  :)
little fabric baskets again, love the look of it

and than I went I made this lovely pouch

 or can be used as a pecil case
 I pad sleeve case that my sister has requsted,
with her initial, she still havent seen it, hope she likes it :)
she asked for the colors purple black and white

 lovely purple for the inside

and the easiest thing you can sew, a simple pillow !
yellow is the one I made and have used fabric from Ikea
it's maching my bougainvillea plant ;)

My 5 little sweet Baboushkas from India, got them as a gift, too cute :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thank you :)On how to make them, you can follow this tutorial :