Thursday, February 16

MS Scoring board and more

This is great! I got mine as a Birthday gift from a dear friend
and now I can't live without it :)
It score flawless, crisp lines in seconds, it create invitations, envelopes, gift boxes
 It has easy-access storage compartments and includes envelope guide and bone folder
Here are my first projects made using the score board
I still want to try making boxes  

 In love with my Hydrangeas that had to try to make
them out of paper, I looked at youtube and have found this lovely video
This are only a try but will make some nicer once soon
use them as decoration on top of the box or maybe a card
 That in my next post, and cant't wait to open my
pressed Hydrangeas, another week or so :)

My Gerbers are  growing so nicely
this one here looks like it can be touched
the color can't be brighter

This much for now, thank you for looking :)

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