Friday, April 27

More pin cushions, mixed media and more

Made nine in all, moving to something different 

I love log cabin pincushions, thinking of making more
they just look so cute on little chair 

For this linen pin cushions I have used my stamps to add the image
and the writhing 

Our new cat called Garfield, isn't he adorable 

My 1st time doing mixed media, a class that I took at my friends store
Craft Corner, which you can visit here

That was so much fun, owl on the right up corner
wasn't planed but happened after adding that wooden circle, too cute :)

I'm doing 2 more similar to display all 3 as a set

Someone's canary in our garden, well for few minutes only
had a drink of water and was gone

I love how this Granny Square blocks are turning out,
on how to make it great tutorial can be found here
That will be a lovely baby quilt soon

I love how it goes nicely with the blogs background :)

I have planted papaya and its growing nicely and fast

Thank you for visiting, hope you enjoy the pictures :)

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