Thursday, May 17

What was I busy with

This is a quilt I made few years ago and quilt was returned 
back to me to repair because the little dog chew a little leave :)

  I used cookie cutters to draw shapes and did hand quilted

Made another blanket and together with quilt that I also
 made few years ago arranged as a baby gift 
in a nice box with a lovely card 
all purple and pretty :)

My 2nd mixed media and 3th 
Working on another set of 3, pictures soon

Little tote bag for my son's toys 

yummy apple cinnamon walnut cake 
the house smells so nice while cake is baking :)

Another baby girl quilt so sweet and cute 
I love this easy pattern, this quilt was finished in 2 days 

close up 

and a baby card for a little baby girl 
with a name that starts with letter M

tiny pretty flowers from my garden 

Thank you for looking :)
have a happy day !

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